January 6th, 2021 marks Seekster’s 5 year anniversary. Though it was a tough year, it is important for us to reflect on the past, and more importantly, to focus on the future.

Founded in 2015, Seekster’s disruptive model has taken the service industry by storm. Developing our on-demand platform was just the tip of the iceberg; the real impact was creating over 500,000 jobs for service providers all over Thailand. As movers and shakers, I wanted to build a 360-degree loyalty ecosystem towards customers and service provides alike. Thus, we didn’t just focus solely on the figures but rather took empathy into account in all our dealings, which has made all the difference.

Over the years, I’ve learned countless invaluable lessons along the way but not once have I compromised my values — pace, passion, and perseverance. All of which has kept me grounded, whether it’s to keep moving forward, adjusting and readjusting, or leaving no stone unturned.

Seekster Team

Just like every business hit by COVID-19, Seekster adapted to survive. Though our goal wasn’t to just survive, but to persevere and come out stronger than ever — which, against all odds, we did by ending the year profitably. To do so, we pivoted our strategy, launched new business models, pushed new relevant services, and reduced operational expenses (rent) significantly. Undeniably, I can’t stress enough the key role our team has had in shaping Seekster. From the start, I believed in empowering people to be leaders, to take ownership of projects by instilling trust. As the saying goes, ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’

Sahib Anandsongvit : Seekster CEO&Co-founder

When asked where I see Seekster in 5 years? I can’t help thinking, “The best is yet to come.” I’m excited for 2021. As we grow and restructure, we remain true to our core values of innovating beyond just services, such as creating other platforms like Seekforce, SkyOS, incorporating a holding company (Seekone Co. Ltd.), hiring a new CTO, Assistant Executive Manager, and expanding SeekAcademy. Our vision is to be the largest service platform in SEA by transforming the service industry and building a long-lasting impactful business that is worthy of an IPO. In addition to continuing to build the largest blue-collar service platform, our mission is to empower one million micro-entrepreneurs through our unique services.

Seekster Providers

To all our stakeholders, customers, and the team — I sincerely thank you for your continued support and commitment to Seekster. Onwards and upwards always!

Happy 5 Year Anniversary Seekster!

Sahib Anandsongvit

Co-Founder & CEO