These days the temperature is busting over 35 °C mark and humidity makes it feel as if we are living in a boiling pool of water. In such conditions the use of AirCon is a must! So stay cool and save money with these effective power saving tips.

  1. Keep the sun out

You might enjoy the natural daylight in the room but your AirCon will definitely not like it. Your AirCon tries to work hard to keep you cool during the hottest days but the sun makes it work even harder and an AirCon working harder means that it is consuming more power. So try to limit sunlight in the room and give your AirCon some relief that it deserves!

2. Get your unit serviced

The dust and debris gets stuck in the air filters restricting the normal air flow. This puts a strain on the unit as it struggles to keep the room cool, making it consume more power. So clean your AirCon every 30 to 90 days to prevent it from getting clogged and make it work well without consuming extra power.

3. Try 26° C

This is an optimal temperature to run your AirCon. This temperature keeps the room cool yet saves more power. It is an effective way to cut your electricity bill by 30%. Putting your AirCon on this temperature will give enough time to the compressor to trip, limiting the power consumption. The compressor will start to work again once the thermostat detects an increase in the room temperature. This process is extremely effective to limit power consumption.

4. Use Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans help the air circulation process. By using fans, you reduce the work load on your AirCon as it no longer needs to work hard to pump cool air in the entire room. This also allows you to set your AicCon at higher degree wile keeping your room cool.

5. Save energy during the night

While sleeping you do not need a constant temperature in the room. Try to put the temperature higher to make AirCon consume less power or try the sleep mode. Sleep mode turns off the AirCon at a specific time that you set and it can turn it on again after sometime automatically. It lowers the output during the night and is an effective way to reduce the electricity bill while you are asleep.

If you have other effective tips to save electricity bill, please don't hesitate to share with us! Moreover, you can get your AirCon cleaned and make it run at its optimal performance by clicking on this link >>