They way you decorate your workplace plays a great role in productivity and employee efficiency. A rightly decorated office is proven to enhance employee experience, making them more productive during working hours!
  1. Choosing the right furniture

Employees spend substantial amount of time sitting on a chair behind a desk. Hence, comfort should always be the first priority. Once you are done choosing the right seating and desks, it is the time to make them even more comfortable by providing the employees with necessary gadgets. For instance, providing a wireless charger or extension cables to charge devices can come in handy and can increase the sense of both comfort and productivity.

2. Increase Lighting

Optimising your lighting is one of the easiest ways to boost your energy and reduce the eye strain that comes from trying to read with low light. If possible maximise the daylight in the office rather than heavy opaque lights. However, natural light is not always enough so make sure to add extra LED lights in the workplace.

3. Practical Storage Space

clutter is the biggest reason for decreased employee efficiency. Make sure that your workplace has enough practical storage options and things are arranged in an order. Encourage your staff to return things to the same place from where they took after use. Storage spaces can include shelves, boxes, personal lockers and desks.

4. Inspiring colours

Colours play a great role on moods and the way how a person feels. Hence, make sure to add shades that are known to increase motivation and concentration such as greens and blues. You can also paint your office in your own brand colours. It will help to emphasise professional identity.

5. Add greenery

Plants are known to relieve stress and adding a few of them in your workplace is a good idea to make your workers feel even better. Plants also purify the air which increases concentration, making workers even more productive. Thus, a bit of greenery in the workplace can never go wrong!

Decorating your workplace in the right way can completely change the way how employees feel at work. From lighting to Furniture everything should be elegant but most importantly it should be comfortable as employees spend a lot of time in a same place. Once you rightly decorate your workplace, you will be surprised by the outcome.